General rules of personal data processing
in Inpl Sergius Shapoval

The following rules are valid from 25 may 2018. in the appeal and comply with the obligations law arising out of article 13-14 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU)
No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016. on protection of individuals in connection
with the processing of personal data and the free flow of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (General data protection provision), hereinafter the GDPR.

The administrator of personal data

The administrator of your personal information is:

InPl Sergey Szapowal street Mełgiewska 74/200,
20-234 Lublin,
INN 712-33-00-855,
referred to as the administrator.

Information regarding the rules of personal data processing by the Administrator

Questions about the method and scope of personal data processing should be addressed to
Data protection

Personal data is processed in compliance with the relevant security measures in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

Categories of subjects whose data is processed

The administrator processes personal data of the following persons:

  • decimal, using the services provided by the Administrator related to its business activities;
  • the person submitting the request for the proposal of the administrator associated with doing business;
  • practice, internship or volunteering with the administrator;
    delayed recruitment;
  • decimal employees of the Administrator;
  • decimal cooperating with the Administrator on the basis of civil law contract, contractors, subcontractors of the Administrator;
  • decimal of persons contacting the Administrator in a particular case [also electronically];
  • other persons to whom the administrator has access to personal data in connection
    with business activities.

Basis and purpose of personal data processing

Any processing of personal data is based on the correct, in accordance with applicable law, legal basis. The administrator processes your personal data
for the following purposes:

  • Art.6 ST. 1 lit c) GDPR — exercise of powers or performance of legal obligations arising from legislation. These obligations arise
    in particular, from the legislation on accounting, labor code, social insurance, health insurance, establish tax and other laws, generally binding.
  • decimal to article 6, paragraph 1, letter. f) RODO-realization of the legitimate interests of the Administrator (in particular, claims or protection of the rights of the Administrator, security of the Administrator’s property and marketing of the Administrator’s services.
  • decimal to article 6, paragraph 1, letter. (b) conclusion and implementation or termination of the contract and other actions related to the contract, including actions prior to its conclusion. Applies to contracts entered into with the Administrator.
  • decimal to article 6, paragraph 1, letter. a) KIND — implementation of actions within and on the basis of the consent provided. On the basis of obtaining permission, the Administrator processes personal data for the purposes related to the implementation of a specific case, project, feedback. Consent is taken only in a situation where the Administrator has no grounds for the processing of personal data, in another recipe of General importance.

The indication of personal data is voluntary, however, may be necessary for the implementation of
goals, permissions and responsibilities of the administrator.

Transfer of personal data

Your data may be transferred to persons authorized in accordance with applicable law, as well as to persons to whom the transfer of data is justified for the performance of statutory purposes and the implementation of a particular service, as well as on the basis of relevant agreements concluded
with the administrator.

The processed data are transferred by the Administrator directly outside the European Union and international organizations.

The processed data is also not subject to automatic decision-making, including profiling.

Period of personal data processing

Your data will be processed for the time required to fulfill the above processing purposes, i.e.:

  • decimal in the implementation of legal obligations, burdening the Administrator, for the period until the completion or expiration of these obligations;
  • from the point of view of implementation of legitimate interests of the administrator, during the period of their implementation or expiration;
  • data processed on the basis of the provided consent, on the time of actions in accordance with the provided consent, in any case – until the cancellation of the consent;
  • from the point of view of the implementation of the concluded contract within the period of its execution, after that time within the period and to the extent required by law or to secure possible claims.

The rights of individuals in relation to personal data

  • At each stage of data processing by the Administrator of personal data, You have the right to:
    access to your data, including obtaining information about the scope of data processing by the data administrator and obtaining copies of this data;
  • decimal refutation of your data;
  • restrictions on the processing of Your data, if other legal contraindications do not arise;
  • delete your data so-called right to be forgotten, if there are no other legal contraindications;
  • refusal of improper processing of personal data;
  • decimal data transfer for another Administrator if the data is processed in connection with the consent given or the contract entered into;
  • a decimal withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data at any time without affecting the legality of the processing, which was made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal (in cases where the processing is carried out on the basis of Express consent).

The powers may be exercised subject to article 16, article 17, article 18, article 20 of the RODO.

  • information about the method and volume of processing of personal data at the administrator. Requests should be addressed to:
  • decimal of a complaint to watchdog (25.05.2018. — Head of the Department for Personal Data Protection), in case of recognition that the processing of personal data by the Library violates the provisions of the Regulations.

Procedure for exercising the right

The exercise of Your right is carried out on the application in person or by mail to the above address of the Administrator or by e-mail to the address:

Each application submitted by you is considered individually and taking into account the current legislation. We inform you that the possibility of using a specific permission depends on the legal framework used for a strictly defined purpose of personal data processing.

Your requests will be processed without undue delay, up to a maximum of one month from the date they are received. If, given the nature of the application, it is not possible to resolve the issue
if on time, in such case You will be notified of such delay and its causes.

In addition, we can inform you about the reasons for refusal to accept and implement the application.

We inform you that the implementation of applications is carried out without charge, however, if your requests are unreasonable or excessive, we reserve the right to charge a fee for reimbursement of the cost of re-provision of information. You will be informed immediately of the amount of the fee or any other reason why we will not be able to fulfill the request.

In addition, to ensure the security of the transmitted information, if we are unable to correctly identify you as the person authorized to receive the data, we will inform you about the method and form of providing / receiving the information.